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Bardic Arts

Gemini's Twin

by Juan Santiago
La Prova Dura, April 9, AS XXXVIIII

If a Bard begins a story with the words "It is written..." do you not wonder where it is written?

In the stars perhaps. In the pages of books ancient and treasured. And yet we peruse these books, we bards. We look in them for the stories they have and the lessons they share. We look in them for inspiration.

And on one occasion I had cause to peruse the places where "it is written" and to find in that place a story I had never before heard. A wonderful story. A story of a quest. The Quest for Gemini's Twin.

Gemini was a warrior strong and bold and black as night he dressed.
And when the time came to find his love on a journey he did quest.

To find a lady whose fires within could match his own
whose strength and courage and beauty shown.

And the Gods themselves did view his bravery from their thrones on high
and gambled they did on his success from their vantage points in the sky.

Trials they placed in the path of brave Gemini as they are wont to do
To test his strength and bravery and the power of his desires true.

Trolls of the forest and dragons of the sky
challenged and fell before brave Gemini.

And some Gods did seek to run ahead
to find Gemini's goal before he did.

And there in another place one goddess found his hearts perfect twin.
The goddess of the sea decided on one final test for Gemini to win.

This lady who was the focus of Gemini's desire
was as brave and bold and fierce as wildfire

And so the goddess did decide an illusion to test Gemini's vision
placing two such ladies in appearance to test his decision.

Alike they were in beauty, but not alike in their manner
and on Gemini's choice hinged the completion of the matter.

"Gemini" the Goddess spoke in thundering voice
"Your happiness depends upon this your choice."

"Can you but look to see the one whose twin to your heart?
And by sight alone determine with whom you shall never part?"

Gemini's bravery this challenge could not face
how to solve this puzzle here in this place.

Looking to the two ladies one real and one a trick of light
his heart collapsed with no strength left to fight.

Trapped in this moment of indecision
Fires broke and burned across his vision

He had seen in one of the ladies eyes
a blaze of fire to light the skies!

And with bravery returned he saw true
the illusion faded and withdrew.

"This Lady is the one!" he cried and pointed to his hearts true twin.
"I see in her eyes reflected the fires I feel within."

"You have seen well," the goddess said with a smile
"But this by far is not the end of your trial."

"There is much yet for you to do.
But that is between the two of you."

And so to the sea the goddess did return
knowing well the love he sought to earn.

"I'll keep my eye on this lady who shares her name with me"
And the goddess gave Gemini his chance to win fair Mari.

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