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Bardic Arts

For Robert of Woodsende

by Juan Santiago
September 18, 2004

"I am Robert of this Woodsend
If you want this place, against me you must stand.

I have heard of you hunter,
of your prowess and skills,
and long have I waited to duel the wolf
              - the wolf of the silver hills.

But why have you come here? This I must ask.
Why are you here and what is your task?"

"For the honor of another this battle I seek.
To place these Mistlands gently at her feet."

"A goal that is noble and worthy of you.
Come then and see if your sword arm is true."

Neither giants nor titans have battled so hard.
Nor battle so great been recounted by bard.

But in the end Robert lay on the field
with a smile on his face
for he never did yield.

Mists Coronet, Fall, AS XXXIX, Fighter Poem

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