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Bardic Arts


Jehanne de Wodeford
May 25, 2002 (A.S. XXXVII)

Today the Mist folk witness the new choice
Of one who would succeed by arts of voice,
A bard to serve with poem, song or tale
Our Princes and their heirs to proudly hail.

My art is beat and melody and sound
Of notes and intervals together bound.
A mere jongleur, I come before you all
No tune to play and wondering at my gall.

To chronicle great deeds, my friends, is hard
When gifted not with talents as a bard.
To keep alight the his’try of the land,
Spout artful poetry upon demand.

To spur the Mistlands host upon the field
Or praise the warrior who did not yield
To make one’s hearers laugh and weep by turns –
Earns, burns, churns, glurns - what rhymes with “turns?”

Bard I am not, alas, how may I serve?
Pentameter iambic? What a nerve!
To cobble words together into rhyme –
Well this one’s giving me a dreadful time.

Your Highnesses, if whom you seek is one
Whose art is weaving words, then I am done.
A bard I will not ever claim to be
For halting doggerel’s what you’ll get from me.

But if it pleases you to hear old songs,
To march to war or dance the evening long,
If psalt’ry’s charms may soothe the cares and chores
Of royalty and populace, I’m yours.

Copyright ©2004 Lisa A. Joseph
"Originally written for Cynagua Investiture, May 25, AS XXXVII (2002), this piece was revised for Mists Bardic September 6, AS XXXVIII (2003)." -- Jehanne de Wodeford

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