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Bardic Arts


Jana the Mad
September, A.S. XXXVII (2002)

To the tune of ‘Moon, Moon’

Lady standing at a window, holding a light
Waiting, straining her eyes through the darkening night
Lady, as you feel the wind blow, what do you see?
Fate, she’s taken someone from me

Sometimes the darkness holds something bright.
Sometimes a warrior comes from the lost to the light
I feel so alone, but I know he’ll come home, my Knight.

Lady, going through your castle, finding it chill.
Lately, sorrow and loss, seem to weaken your will
Lady, silk and golden tassels mean nothing at all
Aching, hoping he will hear the call


Lady, brave within your smile, strong in your tears
Pacing, looking down the road, the hours like years
Lady, travelers stay awhile with news of war
Saying naught you didn’t know before


"Written for Ducal AS XXXVII" -- Jana the Mad

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