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Bardic Arts

For the Gold and Green

Jana the Mad
July, A.S. XXXVII (2002)

Gold for the crown which is borne by a rightful King
Green for the land raised and loved by a noble Queen
I have stood both straight and strong
Through the worst that I have seen
And I will stand again and again
And again for the gold and green

Over the battle there’s a banner shining bright
A golden crown with laurel leaves of green
Giving inspiration to those who stand and fight
It is the fairest banner to be seen


Golden is the sun that shines on armor and on sword
The light that glows in every warrior’s eyes
Green is the battlefield that waits with open arms
To embrace the victor and the one that dies


Golden are the hearts of those who watch the warriors strive
Give all they have, and then they offer more
Green and glowing are the youth who watch with widened eyes
What feats of honor they will have in store


Golden are the services done each silent day
Needed greatly and yet seldom seen
Green are the skills and talents brightening our way
The way that we all stand for, Gold and Green


"Written for West/An Tir War, AS XXXVII; last verse added later." -- Jana the Mad

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