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Bardic Arts

Bow to the Crown

Jana the Mad
March, A.S. XXXVII (2003)

Bow to the crown and bow to your opponent
Bow to the lady you fight for today
Strength to your arm and strength to your honor
Strength to the kingdom you fight for today

Fight now today with the best in your heart
Walk away from every bout sure you did your part
Honor is not served by winning at all costs
Wear the crown with truthfulness or wear a noble loss


Fight now today with no evidence of hate
Those who battle against time will find themselves too late
Honor is not found in giving less than all
Battle with your best until you hear the heralds call


Fight now today and then leave the fight behind
Courtesy must be complete from fruit down to the rind
Honor is held best in the ones who hold it dear
Remember what you fight for and you have no need of fear


"Invocation piece, March Crown AS XXXVII" -- Jana the Mad

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