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Bardic Arts

A Little Dream

Jana the Mad
March, A.S. XXXVII (2003)

Winds blow softly across the Western lands
Every child sleeps now in his bed
Soon they will have larger, stronger hands
To do the work of kingdom and kind heart
Kings themselves remember what they’ve read
If truth as well as battle is an art
New worlds are as close as you believe
Glittering with strength and wisdom wed
Dare we all a little dream to weave?
Over us the dream is sometimes torn.
Many of us weep to meet the morn

We have grown, and faltered in our might
Each of us could give a little more
So we could stave off this coming night.
There is a way if yet we can believe
Keeping honor stalwart in the core
Including all who wish the dream to weave.
None of us affords being alone;
Greatness of our kingdom is in store
Derision and despair, we can’t condone
Over us the dream is sometimes torn.
Many of us weep to meet the morn

Willingly I sing for my dear land
Eclipsed as we may be by pageants past
Still we hold the answer in our hands
There are riches we can barely reach,
Knowledge, strengths, talents and courage vast
Ideas we forget sometimes to teach
Numberless are we who still believe
Good can come of this; the die is cast
Do we stand and strive, or sit and grieve?
Over us the dream is sometimes torn
May we mend it quickly in the morn.

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