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Bardic Arts

You've Given Us Far More

Ivone Pons Leyr
May, AS XXXVII (2002)

Uther sits upon West throne, might and strength to foes You’ve shown
Honor to Your lady dear, the greatness in Your heart shines clear
Generous gold-friend you have been in peace and bold in war
Boasting feats of glory, You have given us far more

Portia sits upon West throne, though far away, great grace Youv’e shown
Lochac’s safe in Your sweet care, Your praise they sing, it fills the air
An inspiration You have been in peace and times of war
‘The Queen!’ is Lochac’s battle cry, You’ve given us far more

Uther King and Portia, Queen, great the distance come between
Still You’ve risen to the test and greatness given to the West
Fill Your cups and drain them dry, a final toast before
You doff the Crowns and leave the thrones – You’ve given us far more

Copyright ©2002 Yvonne K. Reynolds

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