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Bardic Arts

War Calls

Ivone Pons Leyr
January, AS XXXVI (2002)

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War calls and the battle is raging
Hold to your honor true love
War calls and I join it its joyous song
True to your honor and mine
If you would wish me as your queen
This I require of you

War calls and a queen I will make of you
To honor me you must be true

Valor did you show in the battle
Always by you inspired
Valor won you victory on that day
Your inspiration was my strength
Vast are the miles between us today
But love will not be denied

Valor and our love will our fates now guide
Soon I will be at your side

"For Uther and Portia, King and Queen of the West – 12th Night AS XXXVI. Performed by Ivone and Colin [MacLear]." -- Ivone Pons Leyr

Copyright ©2002 Yvonne K. Reynolds

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