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Bardic Arts

Lament for my Fallen King

Ivone Pons Leyr

Full long has it been since I swore You my oath
My life did I pledge to Your hands
And mighty You've reigned since then over these folk
And happ'ly have prospered their lands
My place near Your side I have striven to deserve and
Always have I full obeyed your call
But bitter this deed that You now require of me
Beside You is where I should fall

To war did I follow You onto the field
My life for You willingly stake
But then from Your side did You send me away
To keep my oath I must it break

We fought 'gainst the foe all day out on the plains
But back were we pushed to the wall
And bravely we struggled, our castle to save
And many a warrior did fall
You chose then to stand on the bridge where all could see You
Mighty was the weapon in Your hand
I came to Your side, but a different fate You gave me
Your crown did You place in my hand


My Lady and crown I give into your care
With them I now bid you to fly
For far from the castle must they be if I fall
If God wills today I should die
Their safety protect and defend with all your honor
And to our foe you must not let them come
But swear to my son who stands yet upon the field
That you will bring them when all's done


And so from Your side have I gone to the Queen
Who watches You now from the wall
For She will not leave without knowing Your fate
And mighty the fight ere You fall
I curse now in anger, I should have stayed beside You
The Queen and I depart the castle wall
We flee out the back as the battle nears the gates
And pray that Your son will not fall


With care must we step on this perilous path
And wracked by tears onward we go
Full many the miles must we travel on still
Ere we can find place to lie low
Your crown pressed against me, Your Lady crying softly
My duty hold me craven in this place
For hot is my anger and I would fain avenge You
But cowardice I must needs taste.


And now to the castle do we come again
Your Lady and crown do I bring
And proud stands Your noble son at the new gate
And praises of Him people sing
He venged You with honor and took back land and castle
I bring to Him His mother and His crown
A last task before me fulfills my pledge to You
I give Him my hands and kneel down.

To war did I follow You onto the field
My life for You willingly stake
But then from Your side did You send me away
And now a new oath I must make

"Written about West AnTir war ASXXXVI, when Fabian and Davin fought a singles battle with mass weapons on the bridge, with Susan and Their Bard (that would be me) watching from the castle wall. Since He wore His crown between bouts, I was carrying it back off the field, along with accompanying Her Majesty as soon as He fell to Davin, as the castle was now under attack. Havoc was the son mentioned. Artistic license about the son winning everything back ... we were spanked pretty thoroughly, but I did have to swear fealty to Havoc at Purgatorio shortly thereafter." -- Ivone Pons Leyr

Copyright © 2001 Yvonne K. Reynolds

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