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Bardic Arts

Lady of Your Hall

Ivone Pons Leyr

Remember when we were so young
And we met at the masque
You danced with me, we fell in love
And for my hand you asked
You said you'd love me all your life,
That none but me would be your wife
We talked of all the joy we'd find
When your dear life was joined with mine
And I'm Lady of Your Hall

Chorus: So dance on while the music plays
From other eyes the masks will hide our true feelings
Dance on while the others stay
And I'm sure that we will dance this way all our lives.

And so we joined our lives in one
And I moved into your hall
A feast you gave to welcome me
Your friends and family all
The minstrels played and sweetly sang
And through the hall our laughter rang
The servants came when you did call
And swore to serve me one and all
As Lady of Your Hall


The first few years, when you saw me
You'd smile, your eyes would shine
At night you'd fiercely cling to me
And say your heart was mine
I bore you three sons proud and strong
You swore you'd love me all life long
You brought me treasures from the start
The most beloved was your heart
To the Lady of Your Hall


Last winter though was cold and harsh
With deep and bitter snow
And several families we took in
Who had no place to go
We laughed and danced all winter long
Although the winds were harsh and strong
I clothed and fed them, kept them warm
And saw that to them came no harm
As Lady of Your Hall


But in last winter's bitter chill
Your heart to me cold grew
Thouh you still came to me at night
You thought on someone new
The pretty daughter of the Reeve
I wished for spring, so they would leave
You watched her as she danced lightly
With all the love you once held for me
The Lady of Your Hall


And now the spring has come and gone
And all have left but she
And presents you now give to her
As she sits on your knee
I heard you talk one night outside
How you had wished she'd been your bride
By God, you'd never loved, you swore
Til she was invited through your door
By the Lady of Your Hall


And now you spend your nights with her
And empty is my bed
And though my heart is torn in two
No tear will you see shed
But gracious, proud, I'll sit with you
At feast and dinner, as is my due
And she will sit, as rank requires
Far from the bench to which she aspires
I'm Lady of Your Hall


"Performed as my masterwork in the Bard of the Mists competition the year I won. This piece made many people uncomfortable and I've had many people ask about whom I was specifically writing. I tend to leave them squirming uncomfortably rather than answering, but the real answer is I woke up with a dream fragment clear in my head of the lady watching her lord watch the young girl dance, and her feeling of betrayal, yet needing to keep on a happy face (mask). All similarities toward real people, though very uncomfortable, are found by the listener, not the writer." -- Ivone Pons Leyr

Copyright ©1993 Yvonne K. Reynolds

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