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Bardic Arts

Hauoc’s Kite

Ivone Pons Leyr
(?), AS XXXVI (2001)

The wind it was strong as the fighters took their vow
The tournament about to begin
A tall black knight smiled down at his shield
For a kite is just right in the wind

‘My lady’ he called, ‘the love of my heart,
Is this not a fine day to play?
The sun it is warm, and the wind it is blowing
Shall I fly my kite for you today?’

‘My dear noble lord, ‘called the lady to her love
‘I’ll watch and hope to inspire
For the Pegasus is my sign, and I give you his wings
So no other kite will fly higher’

Then onto the field strode that tall noble Knight
The wind tugging strong at his shield
And many the round did his kite fly unmatched
And it seemed that he would ne’er yield

But then cross his path came a most worthy knight
Who tirelessly met all his blows
And though the kite danced, it crashed to the ground
Sir Connor had lain him low.

But he stood yet again, for the day was not done
And his kite lifted off of the ground
Back to the fray he went with the wish
To see fair Ginevra crowned

Like Bellerophon of yore, Hauoc sought his foes
On the wings of a Pegasus black
Above all he soared, and the tournament won
Not even Duke Paul held him back

By a Pegasus inspired, no kite could fly higher
Than Hauoc’s and on it there stands
A white cross and gold stars on a field black as night
The best flying kite in the land.

Copyright ©2001 Yvonne K. Reynolds

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