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Bardic Arts

Good Morrow Gentles, or
The Heralds Wake Up Shout

Ivone Pons Leyr

(To the Tune of "Good Morning Starshine")

Good morrow Gentles, the cock has now crowed
This is your wake up call, it's 8:10 or so
Good morrow Gentles, the Crown bid you know
The Lists are open now, please do not be slow.

Armor inspection begins near royal pavilion at 9:30 sharp
Don't forget your shield, the weapon you would wield, and your fighter card
Heralds have a meeting after this here greeting at herald's point to decide their day

Wooden spoon entries are due in by one,
The chirurgeon says take care, stay out of the sun
Chevy Impala, license number 1 MDR 6-20 your lights are still on

Peerage meetings surely start tomorrow early
So be you aware
Pelicans will begin at the royal pavilion
Make sure you're there
Then if there's no quarrel, follow next the Laurel
And finally will come the Chivalry

If you have parked where the grass is new mowed
Your car is illegal and will soon be towed
The Crown does wish for Court to be at noon
If you have business there come see us soon

One of the privy lights disappeared late last night
We doubt it fell in
Our dear constabulary hope you will not tarry
in turning it in
The Crown bid me remind you parties must keep down to
a dull roar they need their beauty sleep

Good morrow Gentles, the sun is now high
The lists will close anon ... it's 10:55
This shout is over, but you'll hear me soon
They've volunteered me to do the shout at noon

(Thank you)

"Written for a Ducal Prize filk competition. All those announcements did occur one June Crown, although the car and license plate were mine at the time I wrote the song, as I didn't remember the real ones stated." -- Ivone Pons Leyr

Copyright ©1996 Yvonne K. Reynolds

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