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Bardic Arts

Ginevra's Gift

Ivone Pons Leyr
January, AS XXXVI (2002)

Silent he stands near the throne by My side
And watches o’er all that transpires
With ageless bright eyes and a presence as strong
Great courage in Me he inspires

My champion gives of his courage and strength
He gives of his time without measure
With him by my side I am always at peace
And his friendship I will always treasure

His sword and his pen and his wit for My cause
A challenge he gave one and all
To champion their Queen and to honor Her well
With coins these great deeds he’d recall


Frederick, you honor Me in every way
The joy that you give makes Me sing
With magic and wisdom, a Unicorn’s grace
Has given this Pegasus wings


"From Queen Ginevra to Her Champion, Master Frederick of Holland, given at 12th Night, AS XXXVI." -- Ivone Pons Leyr

Copyright ©2002 Yvonne K. Reynolds

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