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Bardic Arts

For Their Majesties, Hauoc and Ginevra

Ivone Pons Leyr
January, AS XXXVI (2002)

Our mighty King, Hauoc of the West, has led us with grace and might
With wisdom has he ruled from the throne, as was both His duty and right
Though custom demands that His reign be done, He stands proud before us, tall
And we’ll not forget courageous Hauoc, Our King for whom honor is all

Ginevra, gracious Queen of the West, Her beauty beyond compare
A shining inspiration of love, Her laughter and tears we have shared
Though custom demands that Her reign be done, She stands proud before us all
And still will we sing of the justice she brings, and still will we answer Her call.

Our sovereign King and Queen of the West, Hauoc and Ginevra we hail
And promise You our Kingdom to serve, and, like You, never to fail.
Though custom demands that Your reign be done, we honor You and Your deeds
And still we desire, like You to inspire, for in us you’ve planted the seeds

"For the occasion of Their stepping down, 12th Night AS XXXVI." -- Ivone Pons Leyr

Copyright ©2002 Yvonne K. Reynolds

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