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Bardic Arts

Duet of the Infidels

Ivone Pons Leyr
July/August, AS XXXVI (2001)

Crusader (performed by Sir Colin MacLear):
Take up cross and aid our Lord God
Fight the infidels who mock Him
Drive them to the sea, Jerusalem we’ll free
Stop them, hold them

Heaven’s grace awaits those who strive
Here to save our Lord’s sepulcher
Help us, dear Lord, grant us victory over Your foes

Scourge of Saladin, we’ll crush you
Wash your stain from our Lord’s birthplace
Acre must we take, there’s so much at stake
Take up our arms

Home we will not go until we win
For God has called us to this
Battle; grant us victory for You in Your holy land

Saracen (to be sung with the prior verses)
The infidels are here, their crosses on their clothing
Now they will taste fear, from Acre shall we hold them
Drive them back to sea, Allah wills us free
Stop them, hold them.

Sal-al-adin we wait, we drive them back once more and
Strongly seal the gate, we’re starving, dying, aid us
Help us Allah grant us victory over Your foes

More and more they bring, their hordes are ever increasing
Allah’s praise we sing, although our hopes decreasing
If we want to live, surrender we must give
Lay down our arms

Godless they must be to kill the women, children
Dead soon will I be, for they kill all their prisoners
Save us Allah from these devils in our own homeland

"Performed at A/S Tournament; written at King Fabian’s Request; duet for 3rd Crusade." -- Ivone Pons Leyr

Copyright ©2001 Yvonne K. Reynolds

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