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Bardic Arts

Thunder and Lightning

Ghislaine d'Auxerre
November, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)

Gentle are the Mist that falls
And soft the grass upon the hill;
Lapping waters with salten breeze
Brings a troubled mind to still.

Within these borders you will find
Chivalry, art, and service stand
In harmony and cared for by
Those who are worthy of this land

A Prince of mighty build and strength
And with a booming laugh for all
But stormy eyes and darkened brow
For when to war must answer call.

His great sword does he take in hand
But, alone he does not face the clash
For as both man and nature know,
Before the rumble comes a flash.

Our gentle Princess do you see
A noble maid of beauty rare
She does possess a quiet strength
And mark now what you say with care.

With joy her eyes do flash with laughter
Then with anger at any who would dare,
To threaten Her people’s happiness
Or lay Her land to waste and bare.

So when you come before the thrones of the Mists,
Do so with humility and respect.
Of course within a land of songs and kings
You’ll get the welcome you’d expect.

So, enjoy the hospitalities of this realm
But never forget lest you be thought a fool;
For here within the Fair Mistlands
Is where the Thunder and the Lightning rule.

"In honor of the Investiture of Roric and Syele, Prince and Princess of the Mists. -- Ghislaine d'Auxerre

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