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Bardic Arts

Just Another Day

Ghislaine d'Auxerre
October, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)

Itís just a piece of metal;
Itís just a plank of wood.
Thereís no magic in them
That would fight evil or instill good.

Itís just another grassy field;
Like any other thatís around.
A great battle wasnít fought here
And where you standís not holy ground.

The reasons why you fight this day;
I wonít pretend to know them all.
Only you can truly say
Why you answered the tourneyís call.

Nor will I presume to tell you
Of what your goal must truly be
For that is something which only
You and your consort can agree.

The most that I can say,
Which I claim to be my right;
Is that you must hold yourself
Truly worthy of the fight.

That does not mean just on this field,
Though without saying that should go.
But how you treat your fellow man,
Be them friend or be them foe.

And if you win, then your brow will bear
Silver wrought of more than jewelerís craft.
They are the Coronets of the Mists;
Symbols of our future and our past.

How you choose to act this day
Is how you choose to be perceived.
For as you sit there, never forget
You rule because they believe

"Invocation Piece for Mists Fall Coronet." -- Ghislaine d'Auxerre

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