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Bardic Arts

Here's To The Bard

Ghislaine d'Auxerre
September, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)

Here’s to the bard who stands in the hall;
Recounting glory from days of yore.
Here’s to the troubadour whose songs are a call,
To his true love standing just beyond the door.

To the minstrel whose fingers over his instruments play
To lull you all into a dream;
And the skald before the fire crafting words like clay
Into a world that is not what it may seam.

They are the keepers of history; the spinners of tales;
They are the breath of the dragon and the wind in a ship’s sails.

They cause us to laugh, or bring a tear to our eye;
Inspire us to greatness, and make lovers sigh.

So charge now your glasses and raise them high;
Give a toast with your voice loud and free.
Here’s to the next Bard of the Mists
Whoever he…….or she……..might be.

"3 Words From a Hat, Mists Bardic Competition." -- Ghislaine d'Auxerre

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