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Bardic Arts

The Miles Between
Gerhardt von Nordflammen

Oh I see my true love in my dreams,
And I see her in my waking,
And we stood upon the windswept hill
Our final leave a taking.
Oh her hair was as a web of gold
That wind and sun were weaving,
And her eyes were sapphires touched with dew
That fell as she was grieving.

     Oh how will I find my true love?
     If true love I have any.
     For she is far across the sea,
     And the miles between are many.

Oh Johnny will you come back home?
Will constancy avail me?
Or will cruel time or the wayward sea
Cause my true love to fail me?
Forget me not across the waves,
Let no false doubts assail thee.
For I shall always faithful be,
Lest death himself should hail me.


I’ve wandered high and I’ve wandered low,
Blown about the wayward tide,
And many lands and many maids
Of an aspect fair espied.
Yet in my heart there’s but one land,
And but one maid as well.
And now I shall return to her.
Forever for to dwell.


When I returned ‘twas all the same.
The wind still whipped unwearied,
Yet full five years had passed away,
And my true love was buried.
For she had to me held quite true.
No false doubts did assail her.
And only death could my love woo,
From the heart of her wand’ring sailor.


"All of these songs are the products of my first few years in the SCA. I don’t know exactly what possessed me at the time, but I seemed to have this near unquenchable passion for turning out pedestrian lyrics. Ah well, I was young and feckless, and had not discovered the lyrics of the Provencal minstrels at that time (Ai Ya, whew, those are songs)." -- GvN
© 1981, Lawrence Hyink III

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