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Bardic Arts

Sir James and the Fowler's Daughter
Gerhardt von Nordflammen

There is a knight; Sir James the Bold,
Who’s famed for fearful slaughter,
And now my story shall unfold,
Of Sir James and the fowler’s daughter.

     Sing ron tai rai tolly ton dai dai,
     Sir James prayed to go past her.
     Sing ron tai rai tolly ron dai dai,
     I’ll wager she’s his master.

Sir James was out on errantry,
And there was no man bolder.
A dozen dragons slayed he,
At least that’s how he told ‘er.
But now he’s halted by a maid,
As thin as reeds a swaying.
He is becoming sore afraid,
That she will have him staying.


Oh what then is a man to do
Who’s trained for naught but fighting?
When he is met by someone who
Beguiles with love’s delighting.
His steely sword availeth not
To cut the chains that bind him,
And he will find his armor hot
When her sweet kisses find him.


Sir James may shine in clash of arms,
And drink foes ‘neath the table.
But this maid offers supple charms,
His teachers did not label.
Her eyes are shining like the dawn,
Her hair is brown and silky.
Her lips melt red with laughter on.
Her skin is soft and milky.


She calls out, “Stay with me Sir Knight!”
“Let gentle love enfold us,”
“For I wold lie with you this night,”
“That rapture should one mold us.”
“Oh no,” replies Sir James with dread.
“Unchaste I shall be never.”
But she just laughs and he looks down
To see his cod a quiver.


Sir James then did beside her lay
And children he did sire.
And with his love he chose to stay.
As husband he is by her.
For finding that he could not flee,
He turned about and caught her,
And what pair could now happier be,
Than James and the fowler’s daughter.


"All of these songs are the products of my first few years in the SCA. I don’t know exactly what possessed me at the time, but I seemed to have this near unquenchable passion for turning out pedestrian lyrics. Ah well, I was young and feckless, and had not discovered the lyrics of the Provencal minstrels at that time (Ai Ya, whew, those are songs)." -- GvN
© 1981, Lawrence Hyink III

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