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Bardic Arts

My Hair's Greasy
Gerhardt von Nordflammen

My hairís greasy, sticks out every which way,
     Iíd better wash it.
My mind lazy, stuck fast in ruts Iíd say,
     Iíd better cosh it.
          Kick it.
          Stick it.
Because it holds my heart at bay.

Say now, listen, I had this teacher see
     I shanít forget him
Made words ... glisten ... techniques and artistry ..
     I donít regret him.
          Taught me,
          Caught me.
With afterthought, the heartís the key.

Without the heart, thereís no song that rings true
     Full purse filled with brass.
That heíd impart, but, between me and you,
     Like priests that say the mass:
          Half cant,
          Half rant.
Fraudulent ... parrots prate on cute.

But those words lit, inside me a true flame,
     Or say, touched a spark,
Half-smothered bit of truth inside the frame
     Of mere art, and mark;
          I burned,
          I turned.
To love, and never was the same.

So there I was, good intent, no training,
     Trapped by what Iíd feel.
And why? Because I would be maintaining
     Each tryst would be ďrealĒ.
          True love ...
          True love!
God above, was my hope waning.

My own fault too, see, I knew what I sought.
     But thatís just part.
Another who. Souls unaligned, loveís naught.
     Two must have one heart ...
          Say yes,
          Say bless.
The Goddess; Love for what sheís wrought.

For now Iíve found you lady, and with you,
     That truthís more than song.
Alive, profound, with wonder all shot through.
     Two like hearts livelong.
And flowing to the source of true.

Listen, friends, Guirautís cleaned up his act.
Knocked into shape by love, thatís a fact.
Come to know the nub, the core, the pith:
The heart of love is the one Iím with.

In the Vers style -- "Someone may be able to come up with a better definition, but as far as I can see, a Vers is simply a song that doesnít really fit any other category." -- GvN
Guiraut is Gerhardt's "alter-ego", this is from a series of poems Gerhardt published in his second folio.
© 1984, Lawrence Hyink III

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