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Bardic Arts

In Her Eyes
Gerhardt von Nordflammen

In her eyes; there’s white light, blue flame, darkness.
And I ... I think ... following a glimmer
Deep, deeper, in the black center, lightless,
Sightless and unseeing, still I seek her ...
Ahh, and find her, for now, nothing matters
But the heart. I see, breath, tell, all of it
Through that. One Point, one mix, my love and hers,
An organ, not us but the way we fit.

Come friends, poor wine; make the drunkard drunker.
Give me the red sweetness until I fall
On cushions of darkness and do not stir
‘Till the light fails and the light masters all,
And death dies and my eyes are washed open
With wine, warm and fresh drawn from a rosebud.
With wine, warm, the grape; a pearl. Friend, listen!
With Love’s wine the senseless is understood.

Hear me! There comes a time when one can taste sight!
Come, drink the fire that burns behind the eyes;
Thine eyes beloved; twin pole stars of the night.
I shudder and my soul within me cries:
“Beloved! Truth!” It is in me through you,
I perceive it by you, all I am, aye,
And all that I was and might be are due
To this: You live and breath and draw me night.

And our lips touch and I drink deep ... oh see!
‘Tis a thousand times and each one is new.
Each moment is a fresh eternity,
And all forever; a heartbeat in you ...
And I; I am your fool and sot and slave ...
In a place above Kings. Set high. Without peer,
One foot in the ruins, the next is in the grave,
And my heart fast in yours. In Love there’s no fear.

Guiraut prays you listen well,
For nothing maybe, what the hell.
He sings the love who’s at his core
And all he says will say no more.

In the Canso style -- "A love song, usually addressed directly or indirectly to the woman (or man) who is the object of one’s passion." -- GvN
Guiraut is Gerhardt's "alter-ego", this is from a series of poems Gerhardt published in his second folio.
© 1984, Lawrence Hyink III

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