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Bardic Arts

If A Bird Could Live Without Singing
Gerhardt von Nordflammen

If a bird could live without singing
Or the sun shine without light,
And a bell could sound without ringing
Or snow fall ... and not be white;
Then I could I’ve without you,
A drop ... pretending to be the sea.

In a world that tasted of ashes
And a time always too long,
Where pride and fear wielded the lashes
And nothing was worth a song ...
As it was before we touched ...
When joy meant a surcease from despair.

Oh Lady! Oh dear and sacred star!
You are the warm blood in me,
The sweet spring rain, the flower’s nectar,
The fiery wine that sets free
All the tides of life and joy;
That I might know wonder as wonder.

To slay the false and tear asunder
All in me closed up and coy ...
For love is come! I count the thunder ...
Fire and water in alloy ...
Storm that comes now bringing
A tempest of sweetness and delight.

The seething stillness ... lightning flashes ...
“LET THERE BE LIGHT!” ... Goddess song ...
We sing it now, the silence crashes
Births the world where we belong ...
Lets us touch, all waiting’s done.
And our timeless love has come to be.

Beloved, hear me, if all were gone;
Earth and stars and life and death,
The Goddess and God, the moon and Sun,
Flesh and spirit, sight and breath,
Time and timeless ... naught remained.
Ai! The void would burn with our love’s flame!

Thus sings Guiraut
Who’d half a soul,
To his beloved
Who made him whole.

In the Canso style -- "A love song, usually addressed directly or indirectly to the woman (or man) who is the object of one’s passion.." -- GvN
Guiraut is Gerhardt's "alter-ego", this is from a series of poems Gerhardt published in his second folio.
© 1984, Lawrence Hyink III

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