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Bardic Arts

Hail Kingdom of the West
Gerhardt von Nordflammen

(Tune: My Country 'Tis Of Thee)

Hail Kingdom of the West
You are the very best.
Your praise we sing.
Oldest of realms by far.
Long rise your shining star.
No one’s as good as you are.
Long live your King.

By some peculiar flukes,
Your knights can beat their dukes
Make them look green.
Men at arms beat their earls,
Their knights all flee your churls
They give up when your flag unfurls.
Long live your Queen.

Your seneschals don’t swerve
Hate power, love to serve.
No virtues lacked.
Their deeds are without flaw.
Their words rub no one raw.
For they know the King’s word is law.
They might get sacked.

Your artists know the most.
They are the Knowne World’s toast.
That’s no surprise.
Some say they’re lazy bores,
That’s jealousy of course,
Their wondrous talent always pours,
If there’s a prize.

Atenveldt, Meridies,
Atlantia, Caid,
East and An Tir,
And Ansteorra too,
The Middle, all love you
They wish they could do what you do.
West without peer.

Nordflammen wrote this verse
So other realms rehearse
Our lofty ways.
Have fun but make it clear;
Don’t go too far, you hear.
Gerardt is moving to An Tir
One of these days.

(Minor note, Gerhardt noted that at the time this was written Calontir was not yet a Kingdom, and of course since then there have been several more Kingdoms have been added, and Gerhardt says "I apologize for leaving it out of the song, although I am sure that it harbors the same feelings of worshipful awe towards our great senior kingdom as to all other lesser realms in the Knowne World." -- GvN)
© 1984, Lawrence Hyink III

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