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Bardic Arts

Dancing With My Bonnie
Gerhardt von Nordflammen

     Oh I sing: tra la la lonny.
     And she sings: tra la la lay.
     And Iím danciní with my Bonnie,
     And she does dance with me.

Oh I have a girl named Bonnie.
She is fair and true and sweet.
We are sad when we are parted.
And happy when we meet.
Her feet are light as moonbeams.
Her heart is free as song.
She was danciní when I met her.
And now I dance along.

Oh me father was a sailor.
Who sailed into the night.
And me mother was a seamstress.
Who seem-ed out of sight.
I confess I never met them.
I confess that I donít care.
For now Iím with my Bonnie.
And I am happy here.

Well Iíve fought as a bold soldier.
And Iíve labored at the quay.
But now Iím with my Bonnie.
And here it is Iíll stay.
Sheís all that I could ask for.
And twenty things besides.
Iíll never more go roaminí.
For Bonnie is my bride.

Aye I have married Bonnie.
Aye, now she is my wife.
I never shall forsake her.
For she is all my life.
Oh we while away the hours
A Singiní loverís songs.
And now when we go danciní.
Twelve children dance along.

"All of these songs are the products of my first few years in the SCA. I donít know exactly what possessed me at the time, but I seemed to have this near unquenchable passion for turning out pedestrian lyrics. Ah well, I was young and feckless, and had not discovered the lyrics of the Provencal minstrels at that time (Ai Ya, whew, those are songs)." -- GvN
© 1981, Lawrence Hyink III

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