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Bardic Arts

What Is The West?
Frederick of Holland
April, A.S. XXXVII (2003)

We are the mother of Kingdoms.
We are the root of the Tree.
Out of our strength and desire
We build our Reality.

We are the first and the oldest
Our heart is yet young and bold.
Here will the stranger find welcome,
Who comes to us out of the cold.

Beauty attends all our revels
Dancing and music and song
No craft requires compulsion
We labor in joy all day long.

At Court we gather together
In hall, or under the sun
The Crowns, our rulers who serve us,
Will see that due honor is done

We have no need to keep servants
Each of us serves all the rest
We build by our actions together
The glory that i-is the West.

We are the mother of Kingdoms.
We are the root of the Tree.
We have the strength and the fire
To become Reality.

© 2003 Frederick J. Hollander.
This was performed at Beltane, A.S. XXXVIII (2003), for the Bard of the West competition.

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