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Bardic Arts

A Student’s Song
Frederick of Holland

Chorus (Latin):
Veni, vidi, bibi,
mi delectamentum
Veni, vidi, bibi,
Amor una vinum

Chorus (as sung):
Veni, vidi, bibi,
That is all my pleasure.
Veni, vidi, bibi,
Love and wine together.

Bacchus is my patron,
God of wine and drinking.
Venus, beauty’s matron,
Set his heart to thinking.


I will follow Bacchus
As a student rightly,
Getting drunk and raucous
In the tavern nightly.


Bacchus went a-courting,
Offered Venus vinum.
Venus drank up, sporting,
All was well between ‘em.


There’s a likely maid, Oh,
I have caught her glancing!
In a grassy meadow
I would take her dancing.


Bacchus gave his blessing,
Likewise so did Venus.
Wine gave way to kissing,
All was well between us.


© 2003 Frederick J. Hollander.
This was performed at Beltane, A.S. XXXVIII (2003), for the Bard of the West competition, this was Frederick's 'Period Style' piece.

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