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Bardic Arts

Boar Hunt

Erich Johann Meyer
December 10, 2005 (A.S. XL)

In Redbeard Greenhair's arms

Sweet truffles
Under softy earth
I dream On bed of fallen brown locks
Of Redbeard Greenhair's hair

Of truffles
Sweet truffles....


Barking, howling, yelling
Echoes through once peaceful woods

Soft, weak two legs
With low heritage wolves
Making clamor
Disturbing sleep
Of dreams
Of sweet truffles Under the soft earth

Lift head and snort
Two legs with pack
Pass by
Smell sour
Not sweet
Like truffles
Truffles from dream
Under the soft earth

Noisy smelly ones
Lowly and weak
Walk past Redbeard Greenhair
Travel away
Leaving sour smell

Breeze gently blows
Through Redbeard Greenhair's
Leafy locks
Sweetening sour air

Lay back down
In bed
Of fallen hair
To sleep
Hopefully of truffles sweet
Under soft, warm earth

Winged ones
Sing lightly
Chirping lullaby
Sleep comes slowly

Lullaby stop
As wings flap...

Howling returns...

Two legs
Disturb sleep again
With those that can
No longer
Have name
Of Noble Wolf

Truffles lost
To dreams of past

Barking, howling, yelling
Sour smell of two legs

Sleep will not return

Two legs approach
Long silver tooth
In deformed paws
Yell at dogs
Ignoble wolves bark back

Surround Redbeard Greenhair
Encircle soft bed
With noise
Sour smells

I get up
Stare at intruders
Of dreams
Of truffles
Of sweet...

Lesser than wolf charges
Fangs slobbering like puppy

I burst from my bed
From warmth and comfort
Of Redbeard Greenhair's arms
Sink tusk
Into soft belly
Puppy yelps
Throw over
My bristled back

Sink tusks
Into more fallen wolves
Dog bites
I gore
Crimson sprays
The warm soft earth
For truffles to drink

Silver tooth
Of two legs
Bites deep

Maddening anger
At two legs
Gore two legs
Smelly soft one
Sinks to earth

Other steps forward
Silver, gleaming tooth
Tusks don't
Brains bitter

Metal teeth
From other smelly ones
Sink deep

Heart pierced
Rage dissipates
Pain numbing
I sleep
To dream no more
Of truffles sweet
Under the soft

     "I have always enjoyed playing the boar at Boar Hunt. The very first few times, I wore a suit of full plate armor. I slowly created a suit just for Boar Hunt, that not only was lighter, but looks more like a mangy beast. I wear an old, fluffy sheepskin that has been covered with splotchy brown dye, a leather mask covers my helm (a gift from Alail Horsefriend) in which I attached two foam tusks.

     "I armed up and went to hide. In years past, we had the entire site and I knew all the great places to wait in the upper section. But alas, this year we only had the lower half of the site. I went down looking, my hopes diminishing for the area had been fairly well cleared since I was last a boar. Several areas of thick brush were now gone.

     "I looked around, at the farthest edge of the meadow was a redwood tree with branches. The branches were so full of fallen brown leaves that it created a platform about three feet above the ground. I climbed up knowing the foliage and being off the ground made it a perfect hiding spot.

     "As I waited for the hunt to begin in this hiding place, a phrase came to me. The bark of the redwood made me think of a beard and the phrase "Redbeard Greenhair" came into my mind. I thought it was a wonderful piece of imagery.

     "After about 15-20 minutes the hunt started, the hunters, hounds and dogs literaly walked within 10 feet of me. They left to search the entire site, finally after another 10 minutes. Again they walked by me. In fact two people playing dogs sat at a rock about 20 feet away and started taking to each other. Though this time not all the hunters left the area and started to methodocally search the lower field. Prince Alvar spotted me and grouped the hunters and approached the tree....

     "During the second hunt I lost my contact lens which ended my boarish ways for the day. About 30 minutes before the first course was suppose to be served, "Redbeard Greenhair" filtered back into my mind. I took out a tablet and pen and started writing the poem [above] about a peaceful boar and the first hunt of the day. After the first course, having just finished it, I read it to all assembled." -- Erich Johann Meyer

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