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Bardic Arts

When The Master Sings
Elsa Saxenkammer

When the master sings of war
I hear the clash of steel on steel
I see the blazing banners wave
Bright and dancing in the wind
I feel my blood run hot and fast
And thought gives way to bloodlust
When the master sings of war

When the master sings of love
My heart beats faster in my breast
Before my eyes fair visions dance
Pictures of the one I love
The best, invoked by well-placed words
And sense gives way to passion
When the master sings of love

When the master sings of truth
There’s no desire quite as strong
As mine to rise above myself
Bold and honest in all things
I long to reach the goal he sets
And self gives way to honor
When the master sings of truth

Gather round the master’s knee
And beg from him another tale
The fire’s light is waning now
Soon the dawn will make skies
Turn pale. Before the embers die
And song gives way to slumber
Master Frederick, sing for me.

Written for the Bard of the Mists Competition, September 6, AS XXXVIII (2003), which Elsa won: "This piece was inspired by and incorporates several of the lessons taught to me by Master Frederick of Holland. When asked to compose a piece on the subject of "The Bard" the first image that came to mind was His Grace. With much love this piece is a token of gratitude for his generosity with his art and knowledge." -- Elsa Saxenkammer

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