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Bardic Arts

What A Year It's Been
Elsa Saxenkammer
(November, AS XXXIX)

íWhat a year itís been, what a wonderful year!
The things Iíve learned and the things Iíve seen
So I put them together and took them apart
And tried to decide, Ďwhat does such a year mean?í

There was a night of blazing glory when I swear I touched the moon
I was giddy, I was full of joy and life and love and song
And another night soon after when the weight of it sank in
As I took an oath to bind me to these duties all year long

There were foolish, careless promises, to stand beside my prince
Which meant sitting for five hours in that blasted 12th night court
There were moments full of dignity and wonder on that day
And some precious prince-penned poems which were nothing of the sort

There were walks beside a princess as she mothered a whole land
And I got to know a woman who was more than just a crown
And that heart upon her banner, well it might well be my own
For I grew to have a love for her thatís more than just renown

There were wars in far off places where I sang to fill the night
And in Atenís dusky deserts I found diamonds in the rough
And I sang to please a squire and I sang to please a queen
And I learned that five Fair Mistlands in one weekend is enough

With the passing of the princeship there were new friends to be made
And the halls all rang with laughter and the hills all rolled with song
For this prince of mirth and merriment loves art as I would learn
And we jested in feast hall and we drank the whole night long

From the fighters on the list field there were acts of chivalry
And the populace put pen to page to capture every deed
And Iím proud and I am grateful for the ones who took that dare
For the selfless, giving bravery that wrote to fill a need

What a year this has been, what a wonderful year!
When I look back I marvel at blessings untold
And I thank all of you for the year that Iíve had
For the joys and the trials, and the branch made of gold.

Written by Elsa just before she stepped down as Bard of the Mists.

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