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Bardic Arts

Tears of Onyx
Elsa Saxenkammer

I shed a tear of onyx for a land I've left behind
And weep as fair Cynagua dwells within my anguished mind
I cry for fields grown golden neath the mountains high and white
And tears course down my cheeks and hide this bleak land from my sight.

I hear a summer rainfall as it dampens this black land
Then I see your corn stalks dancing as the wind takes them in hand
I feel the golden sunlight shining down from your clear skies
And then I know it's memory and bow my head and cry

I remember golden ships out on the delta in the spring
I see the flocks of blackbirds and can hear the sparrows sing
I taste the sweet dark berry that I pluck'd in summer's heat
Then wake from deepest dreaming and my tears are bitter sweet

I'll keep the golden mem'ry bright although I'm far from home
And seek to find some peace in other places while I roam
I've made a home for me and mine in these dark foreign lands
But know Cynagua waits for me with open heart and hands

Though I had to leave my homeland and I've wandered far and wide
My mind still sees old comrades who once stood there by my side
I hear the black wings beating still somewhere up above
As I shed a tear of onyx for Cynagua, my true love.

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