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Bardic Arts

Mission Statement
Elsa Saxenkammer
(November, AS XXXVIII -- 2003)

Good highnesses, on this most joyous day
Iíd make so bold as to present to you
Myself- who would be bard of all the Mists
And dare to speak a verse or maybe two

Iíll tell unto your people tales of old
Of heroes past and glorious days of yore
The history that rings through this fair land
And all those things that made us who we are

Iíll tell them of the deeds that make today
The acts of valor, chivalry and grace
The people who bring honor to themselves
And to the coronet and this fair place.

Iíll give to them a final set of tales
Set not in solid fact, but mystery
Of the tomorrows that we all can build
And how dreams can become reality

Beyond the tales Iíll strive to bring them more
My duty is to do more than amuse
To speak hard truths when needful they become
Or to be silent as my princes choose.

And so I start upon my bardic task
Of what my goal shall be you need not fear-
To bring great honor to this land we love
Through verse and song through out the coming year.

"Performed upon my stepping up as Bard of the Mists." -- Elsa Saxenkammer

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