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Bardic Arts

Grubby Angel
Elsa Saxenkammer

Id like to stop and tell you if I may
Of something I have seen with my own eyes
Of beauty brighter than the light of day
Found in a place that took me by surprise.

I stopped this afternoon and paid a call
On he who never ceases to amaze
An angel eyed and fair complexioned doll
With charming smile and soft beguiling gaze

Today he had contrived somehow to be
Completely covered in his one true love
A layer of dirt that hid his face from me
But could not hide his eyes like stars above

It is my son who brings to life this light
The sun in heavn was neer quite so bright

This was a bardic challenge from an elist. "Someone posted end words for a sonnet and left us to do what we would. I also made it a 15 minute challege, just to push myself. Written for my favorite muse. He'll hate me for this when he's a teenager. Oh well, Mama's privilege." -- Elsa Saxenkammer

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