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Bardic Arts

For Robert
Elsa Saxenkammer
(May, AS XXXIX -- 2004)

I love the one who loves me best of all
Whos ever at my side through lifes travails
Who guides my faltering step when I would fall
With steady winds of faith he fills my sails

My heart belongs to he whose love endures
Through stormy seas as well as calmer days
The one whose love is steadfast, sweet and pure
Who brightens up my skies with true loves gaze

His love is that which makes my voice take flight
With boundless joy that will not be suppressed
His faith remains a beacon in the night
A shining beam of light with which Im blessed

And so to him I pledge my love and life
No greater title can he speak than wife

"This one was composed to the topic for the on-site portion of the Bard of the West Competition at Beltane AS XXXIX. Its the first piece Ive managed to write for my lord in the 4 years weve been together." -- Elsa Saxenkammer

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