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Bardic Arts

The Swans of the War-Lake Heard the Refrain

Herzog Dietrich von Vogelsang
October 11, 2014 (A.S. XIL)

The swans of the war-lake heard the refrain,
The birds of the lake-bend marveled that day,
The wedding vows lifting like summer crane,
The wine of endearments happy assay,
The swans of the war-shore marked the inveigh,
The words of the fighter, said to his Heart,
They circled the feast and merry affray,
They swore by their bird-staves, “This is a start!”

The swans of the war-lake heard the declaim,
These words of their north kin on their relay,
They said, “Bold Achilles turns for his gain,”
“The West Crown well loves him, he and his May,”
“His spear and his valor always belayed,”
“He shall be paid with the Chevalier’s part,”
“This is a Chain-Day that none shall dismay”
They swore by The Black Swan “This is a start!”

The swans of the war-lake cheered for his gain,
They flew over Court to give their corvee,
“We heard the first vows,” the company claimed,
“To Esmeralda in twilight’s first gray,”
“The goshawk is shut, the osprey won't play,”
“Knighthood's no time for a raptor to dart,”
“Finches and martins are lucky today,”
They swore by their bird-staves, “This is a start!”

The swans of the war-lake circled the chain,
Mazed at the belt and the spurs on display,
Mazed at The Vigilant brought without stain,
Lion of gold on his white robe and stay;
And all the white flyers said “Gramercy!”
“Two vows of honor we heard from his heart,”
“The joy of this day, go with him, we pray,”
They swore by their bird-staves, “This is a start!”


Princes, I thank you, I go on my way,
I hope I have pleased, before I depart,
Words to The Vigilant I would convey:
The first step of Knighthood’s a beautiful start.

"Poem in honor of Viscount Achilles of Sparta on the occasion of his knighting and for the occasion of his and Viscountess Esmeralda of the Lakes wedding anniversary this Great Western War in the Kingdom of Caid, October 8-October 13th, A.S. XLIX" -- Dietrich von Vogelsang

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