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Bardic Arts

Schwetzingen’s Son

Colin MacLear
Beltane Coronation, May, AS XXXVI (2001)

Performed for the Coronation of Fabian and Susan

Schwetzingen’s son, will you fight? Will you fight-o?
Schwetzingen’s son, will you fight this day?
For whom shall I fight? Tell me what worthy Lady’s
Favor shall I carry? Say.
Patron of Art, be the Patron of Science
Let love of learning rule over our land
Schwetzingen’s son, look to Susan of Wight-o
She by your side shall stand
Schwetzingen’s son, do you fight? Do you fight-o?
Schwetzingen’s son, do you fight this day?
Aye, but I’m wounded and weak from my trials
My strength, it has gone astray.
Take strength from me, I’ve the strength of the Titans,
The power you need for to make your foes yield
Schwetzingen’s son, I’ve come far to be with you
Now by my hands be healed.
Schwetzingen’s son, did you fight? Did you fight-o?
Schwetzingen’s son, did you fight that day?
Aye, by the grace of a friend and his lady
And a healer from far away
I danced with the blades of a hero of legend
From his hand through time comes the crown I do wear
Schwetzingen’s son and Susan of Wight-o
The kingdom is in your care.

This is from Colin's CD and accompanying booklet "Bardic Fire", which contains pieces that Colin created and performed during his tenure as Bard of the West.

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