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Bardic Arts

October Crown, AS XXXV

Colin MacLear
Twelfth Night, January, AS XXXV (2001)
Performed for the Coronation of Conner and Isa

Twixt dawn and dusk on a single day     Gather we here
Fame and fortune or deep despair     Fates all will weave
For heroes honor a king did call     Thor’s favored thane
Claim the crown with virtue rare     Let them believe
Brothers took to the battlefield     Gather we here
Sacred oaths they swore that day     Fates all will weave
Let lifesblood flow ‘ere honor fails     Each ward his own
Serpent’s father kept at bay     None to deceive
Foretold these two would strive at last     Gather we here
With foemen felled they claim the field     Fates all will weave
Dark Swan’s son the eagle soars     Untouched by blade
Flaming towers ne’er will yield     Grant no reprieve
Ravens course the cloudless sky     Gather we here
One-eyed wanderer casts his spear     Fates all will weave
Eagle’s eyes blink back from death     Singed, but unharmed
Black towers fall, foreswearing fear     No cause to grieve
Both life and death lift hearts in joy     Gather we here
Our spirits soar, their deeds renowned     Fates all will weave
Garick has earned einherar’s hall     Crown’s geas done
In righteous triumph, Connor crowned     Rule, we’ll believe

This is from Colin's CD and accompanying booklet "Bardic Fire", which contains pieces that Colin created and performed during his tenure as Bard of the West.

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