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Bardic Arts

Branwyn (the bandit bard of Darkwood)

Colin MacLear
(No date given)

To the tune of ‘Bastard King of England’

Oh they’ll send round word of a Saxon bard a thousand years from now
And not because her songs were long or caused an awful row
The seneschal of her barony, at raising funds none surpassed she
She’s Branwyn, the bandit bard of Darkwood

Sweet, innocent, modest Darkwood lass; demure and chaste and kind
Unless, of course, she’d heard the word that gold on you she’d find
No arms needs she but scathing verse—the threat enough to gain your purse
She’s Branwyn, the bandit bard of Darkwood

The price I paid to this fair young maid, escaped I with my life
Astounded by the gold she gained with not an ounce of strife
And I swore that ‘ere the end ‘o my days I’d craft a song to sing the praise
Of Branwyn, the bandit bard of Darkwood

(My ransom paid, thought her quill was stayed—she’d not write verse at me
Her honor’d been unquestioned by those of her barony
Suspected naught of her attack, but ne’er again I’ll turn my back
On Branwyn, the bandit bard of Darkwood)

"Written in friendship, and because she asked for it." -- Colin MacLear

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