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Bardic Arts

Bardic Fire

Colin MacLear
June Crown Tournament, June, AS XXXVI (2001)

Performed as Final Performance as Bard of the West

Round Bardic fire our people will gather
To share in the magic of story and song
The tales that are told, both heroic and tragic
Remind us of where we belong
     We find ourselves deep in the song

The warrior, the servant, the artist, the archer
The rulers of kingdoms; their lives are our loom
We weave on it measures of wisdom and wonder
And fortune and folly and doom
     Their deeds are the weft of the loom

As our fire burns brightly so sparkles the kingdom
Inspire by deed, be inspired by verse
Your valor, your honor, your skills and your seekings
Give life to these words we rehearse
     May your passion live on in the verse

          Live on in verse and song.

This is from Colin's CD and accompanying booklet "Bardic Fire", which contains pieces that Colin created and performed during his tenure as Bard of the West.

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