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Bardic Arts

A Mirror

Colin MacLear
West-An Tir War, July, AS XXXV (2000)

(To The Tune of "Heretic Heart")

I can see by the way you hold your sword
Iím a better man than thee
And your shield hangs crooked upon your arm,
a pathetic sight to see
I have no doubt I can pummel you
with a hand tied behind me back
In a snap or two Iíll beat you to the
ground and show you the skills you lack

On the tourney field Iím fearsome,
be it with one sword or two
With axe or mace I will put you in your place
and your bruises you will rue
Your feeble attack is hopeless
and you cannot make it stick
ĎTis a tip or a glance or a light,
light blow for my armor is inches thick

And Iíll swear it before your lady,
and Iíll swear it before your knight
Youíre unworthy to sit in the hall with me,
Donít you know that might makes right
And whether my boasts are fulfilled
or not Ďtis plain for all to see
By my spurs and my chain and my white, white belt
Iím the essence of chivalry

Now my song is not directed to the noble chivalry
Who with courtesy and honor treat everyone they see
But watch for your few brothers called by verses to atone
For this dream is easily shattered by a knight with skill alone

This is from Colin's CD and accompanying booklet "Bardic Fire", which contains pieces that Colin created and performed during his tenure as Bard of the West.

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