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Bardic Arts

True Love
Catherine de Gray
May 1, 2004 (A.S. XXXIX)

When I was young I thought of love
And thought I knew it well
I walked my path from heart to heart
And thought that I could tell
That I would know it when I loved
That I'd know which one was true
But I never knew the truest love
My love, 'til I met you.

When I first loved you long ago
Your heart it was not free
You love belonged to another maid
And how I wished it were me
The years flew by, age touched us both
We both had loved and lost
And when I returned under autumn skies
Our hearts were free at last.

We had come from seperate lands
From a separate time and place
Yet our love could not be stopped
Our souls were twined in fate
And Sicily's son became the lord
Of England's daughter fair
My songs belong to you alone
Your heart alone I share.

Of all the true lovers of old
There's none that can compare
From Abelard to Dante*
There's none whose love is as rare
And I whisper prayers as I fall asleep
For the love with which I'm blessed
For the love that I have shared with you
Is the truest and the best.

* Abelard and Heloise were famous lovers in the Middle Ages. Dante wrote his eternal love poem to Beatrice, "Vita Nuova".

"Written onsite as the "Bard's Choice" category ("true love") for the Bard of the West competition, A.S. 39. Inspired by my own true love, Barone Antonio Giordano da Sicilia." -- Catherine de Gray

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