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Bardic Arts

The Western Rose
for Queen Ivone by
Catherine de Gray
January 28, 2004 (A.S. XXXVIII)

(chorus) So I wear this crown of silver
And the colours gold and green
And I'll reign here as your lady
And be thankful I'm your Queen
For you've given me a Kingdom
And I've given you my oath
I will be your friend and consort
I will be the Western rose.

I remember the excitement
The apprehension and the fear,
As you rose up through the lists
As the finals were drawing near
I had given you my favour
To carry on your way
'Til you wreathed my head with roses
For your sword had won the day

My husband and my daughter stand
Beside me as I reign
And they've given their support to me
And they never have complained
For they know the mighty honour
You have given me, my friend
To stay and reign beside you
Your companion to the end

I have stood before these thrones
As a subject of the realm
And I've given of my music
And the stories I would tell
But now I am the one who sits
And listens to my Bard
And her smiling eyes assure me
That I'm right where I belong.

"Written for the Bard of the West Competition in May, 2004." -- Catherine de Grey

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