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Bardic Arts

The Champion
Catherine de Gray
June 7, 2003 (A.S. XXXVIII)

There comes a time in every life
That choices must be made
To strike or spare, to come or go
To sacrifice or save.
A champion knows the difference
When honour is at stake
He’ll gladly forfeit victory
For chivalry’s sake.

Ave defensor! Laudamus te!

A champion knows his worthiness
Lies not just in his sword
But his honour, grace, and courtesy
His faith and solemn word.
With his last breath he shall defend
His people and his home
And lead them forth to glory,
Good fortune, and renown.

Ave defensor! Laudamus te!

All hail to those who by their strength
Would save and keep our folk
Who joined our lists with chivalry
And for our honour spoke
All hail to those who would be lord
Of this our glorious land
The champion of our Barony
Who’ll lead us by his hand.

Ave defensor! Laudamus te!

Written for the Fett Burg Championship, A.S. XXXVIII

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