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Bardic Arts

Sestina To The West
Catherine de Gray
April 16, 2003 (A.S. XXXVIII)

The singing clash of sharpened steel
Bringing a glad fierceness to the blood
And all is done for grace and honour
In this, the first, the only, the West
Where resides the gladness of the heart
And the wealth of its people not in gold.

The Court with setting sun does shine as gold
And thoughts turn to courtly love, not steel
Then does love and beauty invade the heart;
In times of war, courage sings in the blood
Fighting ending as the sun sinks in the west
And friend and foe alike are joined in honour.

Not only chivalry and peers do act with honour
When truth and courtesy are valued over gold
Here stand the noble populace of the West
Our people have no need of icy steel
With ties like these that bind us in the blood
Gentle words bespeak a generous heart.

Wealth found in vow and deed and heart
Our sworn word kept is our true honour
This bond of brothers and sisters shared in blood
Where the sun shines down on us like molten gold
Whether in courtly speeches or dances of steel
Here are the glorious riches of the West.

This, this is the noble lineage of the West
Here the cradle of the Known World’s heart
A history made by deeds of worthy steel
A history bright-shining with deeds of honour
A land with history rich as shining gold
And bonded with toil of flesh and blood.

Look for our worth in the veins of rich blood
In this the glorious fellowship of the West
Look not for worth in purses of gold
For here lies the true beauty of the Dream’s heart
Here are displayed the trappings of honour
Look not for strength only in bright steel

Strength sings in the blood of this noble heart
This the West, full-filled with mighty honour
Chivalry valued over gold, grace valued over steel.

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