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Bardic Arts

Midons, Ma Dame

Bella Caterina Malatesta
May 20, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)

Tune / words by Bella Caterina Malatesta

Midons, ma dame, my lady of love
My secret heart's desire
The one whose favor I do not bear
Yet one who so inspires
And though you may not be my own
Still my honor, my prowess is yours
Do not fear that my love is hers
For my heart is yours evermore

Mon cher ami, my lord of love
The one whose glances I crave
Your eyes meet mine across the room
My heart you have enslaved
And though I may not be your own
Another has your claim
Yet still I know it is I you love
And in your heart, I reign

Midons, ma dame, my lady of love
Ma cher amie, my amour
My lady you will always be
And I, forever your lord
And though we may never be as one
Still love we, from afar
And in my heart, my love you will be
I shall follow where ever you are

"Written for the Bard of Cynagua competition, I wrote this to an original tune though I modeled it on tunes of the troubadour period. I wanted to write something that defined the whole idea of Courtly Love, or Fin Amors, hence the man and woman who love but only from afar, as each belongs to another.

The term "Midons" is from troubadour lyrics and was used by male troubadours as a "senhal" or "code name" for the lady they loved. It actually means "my lord" -- hence the lady was the Lord over the man's heart." -- Bella Caterina Malatesta

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