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Bardic Arts

In Praise of Marc and Arianwen

Bella Caterina Malatesta
July, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)

All hail to him, Arundel's son
He comes before you now
To claim his throne and country
This victor of renown
All hail to this, your Lord of Swans
Do honor to his name
Sing praises to fair England's son
As now his rights he claims  

All hail to her, your lady fair
Morgan's daughter bright
She makes the sun to shine by day
The moon to shine by night
All praise and honor do her now
As she comes to her throne
Her grace and beauty shall shine forth
Her people she has won  

  All praises to the Lord of Swans
His wisdom and his might
All glory show and honor him
This fledgling prince and Knight
All praises to our lady fair
This Princess, swan of grace
Who leads us by example
And rules here in this place   

All hail to these our rulers fair
Who take the throne this day
Their rightful places to ascend
These champions of May

"Written as Bard of Cynagua, for their Investiture." -- Bella Caterina Malatesta

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