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Bardic Arts

In Praise of Cassandra
Catherine de Gray
December 30, 2002 (AS XXXVII)

(tune: In Praise of Christmas, traditional)

Pay heed to this day that merits all praise,
To a lady who’s worthy of fame.
For Fett Burg’s delight we carol this night,
Cassandra has come to lay claim.
Our Baroness’ hand shall rule o’er the land,
Her strength and her grace shall defend,
And grant us the wealth of a prosperous realm
Our Lady until the world’s end.

With falcon’s keen eye, her arrows let fly
With a lioness’ heart she holds fast.
Through science and art, she gladdens all hearts
Her loyalty stands to the last.
And so we all here do gather in cheer
And lift up her name in praise
Our excellent dame of Fett Burg’s great fame
Grant joy to you all of your days

To the rose among thorns, her fealty now sworn,
To the lady of crescent and bow;
To the huntress whose skill is matched by her will,
To the jeweller of silvers and golds,
Now sing we this verse of jubilant mirth
To share with you all her renown
Our Lady is raised, Cassandra is praised
Now Fett Burg’s good fortune abounds.

"For Cassandra Chernakova’s elevation to Baroness of Fett Burg, 12th Night A.S. 37 (Jan 4, 2003), by her Bard of Fett Burg." -- Catherine de Gray

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