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Bardic Arts

Glory of Cynagua
Catherine de Gray
2002 (AS XXXVII)

See now the noble hosts of Cynagua
Beauteous Mari of the fierce heart,
Graceful as swans on a summer morning
Wise as the salmon, clever as the fox.
Strong beside her, mighty in battle,
Lordly Gemini of the shining sword,
Brave-hearted, stern and valorous,
Ruler without equal, honour beyond compare.
See the great warriors of our realm
Gathered here under our banner bright.
Swifter than stags and fiercer than lions,
Mightier hearts than those of Cuchallain,
He who was most victorious in battle,
Quick to defend and braver than all.
See the shine now, brighter than gold
Our ladies gathered here in our halls.
More gifted than Emér, wife of the Hound,
She who possessed all the gifts of womanhood,
Gentle as deer and brave as the she-wolf,
The wealth of kingdoms shining in their eyes.
See now the promise of our lands
Our children sweeter than apple blossoms
Strong and fearless like young eagles
Playful as otters in mountain streams,
Here lies our future wealth and promise.
See now the richness of Cynagua!
Rich in the hearts of her people this day,
Gathered together as in fellowships of old.
Mightier than the Red Branch of Ireland
In its fighting fury and bravery,
Mightier than the table of Arthur
In its kinship and glory of legend.
See now the May fires burning brightly,
A token of richness and joy to come.

Written as an entry for the Bard of Cynagua competition.

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