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Bardic Arts

For Marc and Arianwen, Farewell

Bella Caterina Malatesta
January, 2009 (A.S. XLIII)
Tune, “Anachie Gordon,” Scots Traditional

Cynagua's lands are still, no birds now do sing
Waiting soft and silent, for the coming of Spring
For now the end is coming and softly do we call
Goodbye to our dear sovereigns, and wish them full well
For Marc and Arianwen, we give to them our best
The end of a reign and the start of their rest
The end of their labours is now within sight
For Marc & Arianwen, they've earned their right  

They have earned their right to honor and regard
For keeping our lands safely with courage and heart
For Marc & Arianwen have ruled us with their best
For coronet and Kingdom, the glory of the West
For love of Cynagua, they served their people well
With strength and with courage, their duty fulfilled
Their reign was of beauty and honor they did show
Marc & Arianwen, our love shall not go  

Quiet is the feast hall, and dim are the lights
For Winter's reign has ended and fades into night
The snows are all melting and soon it shall be Spring
With a new royal couple of whom we shall sing
But ne'er shall we forget those who came before
Marc & Arianwen, our lady and our lord
For many deeds were done and great their glory shone
Now Marc & Arianwen descend from their thrones

For greatness was their legacy and beauty was their might
For Marc & Arianwen, we now say goodbye

"Written as Bard of Cynagua, for their stepping down." -- Bella Caterina Malatesta

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